Justice Not Greed

Written by WCC Saturday, 02 October 2010 00:03

Analysis of the world's financial structures and their failures, biblical commentary and moral reflection are to be found in this book published by the World Council of Churches (WCC), September 2010.


Witness to peace in a violent world

Written by NCCA Monday, 13 September 2010 23:59

Social Justice Sunday 2010 Cover ImageThis is the downloadable resource, Witness to peace in a violent world, pp. 1-4 and 5-8, for Social Justice Sunday 2010.


Crunch Time for residential aged care funding

Written by UnitingCare Queensland Wednesday, 18 August 2010 06:53

This position paper, released by UnitingCare Queensland in 2010, addresses the urgent need for swift government measures to support residential aged care.


ABC Religion and Ethics web portal

Written by Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC Tuesday, 03 August 2010 04:53

The ABC Religion and Ethics web portal provides access to a wealth of material, not only material that is broadcast.


Refugee Week Resource Kit

Written by Refugee Council of Australia Tuesday, 22 June 2010 02:38

Download this useful kit from the website of the Refugee Council of Australia.


Telling the Truth About Ourselves and Our World

Written by WCC Tuesday, 11 May 2010 02:50

This is a study guide on overcoming violence in contemporary contexts. It has been prepared in English, French, German and Spanish as part of the build-up to the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation (IEPC) in May 2011 at Kingston, Jamaica.

Four main sections provide resources for discussion of the central themes of the IEPC: peace in the community, peace with the Earth, peace in the marketplace and peace among peoples.


Subscribe to NATSIEC newsletter

Written by QCT/NATSIEC Friday, 12 March 2010 05:06

The e-newsletter of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ecumenical Commission (NATSIEC) contains a lot of useful information and tips about resources – it is sent every few weeks and is free.


Cries of Anguish; Stories of Hope

Written by WCC/Decade to Overcome Violence Tuesday, 23 February 2010 05:10

Girl lights candles for Lent. Photo by WCC.Sign up to receive weekly Lenten studies and stories via email on the theme of violence against women – the anguish, but also the hope.


Survey of Young Australians

Written by Mission Australia Tuesday, 26 January 2010 02:15

Mission Australia is offering to share the results of its extensive social research into the current trends in Australian youth.


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