Heads of Churches and leaders of the Islamic Community meet

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Meeting between Head of Churches and Islamic Council on 20 October 2014

On Monday 20 October the Heads of Christian Churches met with members of the Islamic Council of Queensland to consider ways of strengthening relations between the Christian and Islamic communities in the State, that promote respect and harmony.

The meeting was precipitated by the concern over recent negative sentiments expressed toward Muslims and especially Muslim women.  The meeting abhorred such actions, and called upon all Queenslanders to respect the right of all Australians to enjoy Freedom of Religion, and seeks to promote ways in which understanding and tolerance between people of different faiths can be increased.

Churches represented at the meeting included Anglican, Roman Catholic, Uniting, Churches of Christ, Congregational Federation of Australian and New Zealand, Australian Christian Churches, Presbyterian Church of Queensland and the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia.

As well as members of the Queensland Islamic Council, representatives of the Council of Imams, Crescents of Brisbane and AMARAH attended.

Topics discussed included supporting freedom of religious ideas and practices within the Australian community, showing dignity to all people regardless of their beliefs and ways of life and speaking with a united voice to government and politicians on topics of mutual concern.

It was agreed to support initiatives such as the open mosque days, forums to educate the wider community about Islam and Christianity, invite people of different faiths to social events and the promotion of joint events and activities.

Three representatives from each faith were appointed to form a working group to produce an action plan to promote joint initiatives that uphold our Australian value of a fair go for people of all religious beliefs and cultures.  Further meetings of the Heads of Churches and the Islamic Council of Queensland will be held in 2015.