G20 Interfaith Summit - Economic Development & Religious Freedom

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Welcome to the G20 Interfaith Summit - Economic Development & Religious Freedom

November 16th - 18th, 2014
Message from the Director

Religion plays a major role in global events today, including issues from medical ethics to cross-border conflicts to macroeconomic trends. However, religion can be misunderstood or even overlooked as a factor in world events and, thus, the contributions faith and religion make to social well-being and policies, which impact national and international communities, are often not recognised. The G20 Interfaith Summit will address this by taking an explicit examination of the link between religious freedom and economic development at local, national and international levels.

This event will bring together opinion leaders such as scholars, lawyers and political leaders with faith and interfaith leaders from around the world for three days of discussion and dialogue as a substantial contribution to the G20 Economic Forum. Such a gathering will showcase the scholarly and societal contributions of various faith traditions and philosophies from around the world. Furthermore, this conference will create opportunities for communication and relationship building and raise the profile of participating communities, groups and organisations.

We look forward to seeing you in November at the G20 Interfaith Summit: Economic Development and Religious Freedom.

Kind regards,
Brian J. Adams, Ph.D.


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