Which Program? What Course?

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These days congregations across the denominational spectrum are searching for new growth and vigour. Many of them turn to a variety of available courses and programs, hoping these will provide the key. Alpha, 40 Days of Purpose and Living the Questions are just some examples.

Characteristically, programmes of this kind are used not only by one denomination: in some cases, individuals from one church are invited by friends to join a course at a different church, and the courses are used by various denominations.

Recognising the significant influence such programmes are having on church life, the Faith and Unity Commission of Queensland Churches Together (Faith & Unity) decided to examine one of them in more detail. The example chosen by Faith & Unity is Rick Warren's well-known book, The Purpose-DrivenR Life (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2002), which forms the backbone of the 40 Days of Purpose campaign. 

The themes examined in the booklet are:
- Scripture
- God and Grace
- The Church
- Worship
- Mission.

Some suggestions of ecumenical resources have been added.

Through this exercise Queensland Churches Together aims to provide a tool for clergy and lay leaders who are considering embarking on this programme in particular, but also on other programmes of a similar nature, to help them discern the value of courses like this for their congregations. 

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