Commission on RE & Chaplaincy in State Schools

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The aim of the Commission is to provide a unified voice for the churches in their involvement with religious education and chaplaincy in state schools in Queensland.  The Commission prefers to use the term "religious education" rather than the official term, "Religious Instruction" because the members feel that RE represents a broader focus than RI.

Since these two areas of activity might be the most widespread ecumenical enterprises undertaken by churches state-wide, the issues surrounding them can be complex. Particular expertise is required to address them. The members all represent their churches on peak bodies with regard to RE and chaplaincy and are intimately involved in both fields.

The Commission maintains a dialogue with Education Queensland, Scripture Union and other significant stakeholders.

As well as dealing with current issues, the Commission is exploring ways of providing a unified voice for the Christian denominations involved in Religious Instruction and chaplaincy in Queensland State Schools. 

The members of the Commission are:
Lorraine Wynne (Chair) - Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane
Carole Danby – Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane
Jonathan Sargeant – Anglican Diocese of Brisbane
Matthew Smith - Uniting Church in Australia, Qld Synod
Rev Peter Gee - Qld Congregational Fellowship

Click here to download the CRECSS AGM report.