Project John 1721  

- a renewed Ecumenical Body for Qld Churches 

"..that they may all be one. As you, Father, are in me and I am in you, may they also be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me." John 17.21

After 30 years of life, the QCT Executive decided it is time for QCT to lead a discussion on the future of Ecumenical relations in Qld.

We decided to call the discussion Project 1721, after John 17:21, where Jesus prayed that his followers may be one, as he and the Father are one, that the world might know the Father sent him.

Reasons for Project 1721:

  • Changed environment has called us to work together more closely
  • Institutional structures are struggling.
  • Lack of regional voice/ participation
  • Growth of churches that are not a part of QCT
  • Asense that QCT has been living its own life, a degree disconnected from key  denomination leadership
  • Historic ecumenical vision has dimmed
  • There are emerging, (eg, diversity of Chaplaincy opportunities), and long standing ministries (eg, RI in state schools) that need support.

What we’d like to see as a result of this discernment journey

  • Stronger collaboration between churches
  • More broadly based organisation
  • Regional Queensland voice empowered and engaged
  • Cooperative ministries empowered.
  • Space for ongoing ecumenical dialogue created

If you’re interested in participating in this discernment, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The discussion paper can be viewed here. Let us know your thoughts.


Joint Churches Domestic Violence Prevention Project

Evensong organisers and members of JCDVPP pictured in the CathedralThe month of May is Domestic Violence Awareness month throughout Queensland. 

Churches in Qld have been holding awareness services and vigils as part of the awareness raising.  This included an Evensong service dedicated to Domestic Violence held at St John's Cathedral on 14th May.  The sermon was presented by Rev'd Ros Clifton.  Ros shared that she had participated in a JCDVPP workshop 30 years ago!  A recording of the service can be viewed here.  Sermon starts at 59m 39s.

St Catherine's Anglican Church in Middle Park, incorporated Domestic Violence into their service on 7th May.  18 candles were lit, one for each week of the year, a visual representation of the one woman per week on average that are killed by a present or past intimate partner.  Each week in May they will light an additional candle.

Our Lady of Graces Catholic parish in Carina included in their newsletter during May information and statistics on DFV, how to support victims and links to and contact details for DFV services.


The Ridley Certificate Course - Responding to Domestic Family Violence

JCDVPP are recommending, for those that would like to study more about responding to DFV, the free Ridley certificate course.

The course has 6 units:

1. The nature of DFV

2. Spiritual Abuse

3. How to teach helpfully

4. How to respond to disclosures of abuse

5. How to care for a survivor of long term abuse

6. Responding to people who choose to use violence

The teaching is online via videos and readings.  You can complete the course in your own time.

The checklist below, of questions to consider when you evaluate the culture in your Church, comes from the Ridley course.

To enrol on the course go to:

Evaluating the Culture of Your Church

  • How have disclosures gone in the past? Whether it was common knowledge or private to a small group of people, how a disclosure was dealt with will influence future disclosures. 
  • Is there information in common places in the church for how to access professional support services?
  • Is there anything in the church or organisation’s budget to support people who have experienced abuse?
  • Are key staff and volunteers trained with even basic awareness of domestic and family violence?
  • Is there an established relationship with the local family violence service, like a women’s shelter, or the police liaison officer or denominational support person?
  • Do people say things like ‘I can’t believe he would have done that’ or ‘why on earth did she stay?’ when they talk about domestic and family violence incidents in the news? Does anyone challenge this sort of talk?
  • Do people believe that abuse can happen among Christians? Even just being clear that you believe that abuse can happen by Christians, to Christians and in Christian communities can be helpful for someone who wants to share their story. If you believe it happens in general, you may believe that it’s happening to them in particular.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

21 - 28  May 2023 

“Do good; seek justice.”   (Isaiah 1:17)

This year resources for Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (WPCU) resources have been created by Minnesota Council of Churches.

The theme, Do good, seek justice, comes from Isaiah 1.17: "Learn to do good, seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, plan for the widow."

Resources adapted for use in Australia are available from the NCCA website and include promotion material, prayer card, worship service and sermon notes, and reflections for the 8 days. Click here.  


2023 Prayer for WPCU

 God of justice and truth,

we seek your guidance to embody the prophet’s call

to do good and to seek justice.

May we grow with the courage and compassion of Christ,

and walk in the way of

peace and reconciliation.

May God’s Spirit enliven and embolden us to stand in solidarity with others

until all are treated with dignity and worth.

May our holy living be a foretaste

of the mercy and blessing

of the reign of God. Amen


Uluru Statement - Local resources

The Anglican SQ Diocese has published a list of resources, ready for National Reconciliation Week, to help clergy and lay leaders to discuss the referendum on The Voice.  The resources can be accessed via The Anglican Focus - link here:

Uluru Statement (including Voice to Parliament referendum) resources for clergy and lay leaders (

The Catholic Archdiocese has created a 4 week study for small groups called  "Voice Crying in the Wilderness".  Although it has the title "a Easter to Pentecost Discussion series" - the study can be used at any time of the year.  It gives participants/readers the opportunity to reflect on the Uluru Statement from the Heart. 

Link here


Season of Creation 2023

Season of Creation theme

The theme for this years Season of Creation is Let Justice and Peace Flow.  Season of Creation runs from 1st September to 4th October.


Portrait of Stephen BevansDate claimer: Bishop Michael Putney Memorial Lecture

Tuesday 15 Aug 7pm at the Francis Rush Centre

Speaker: Stephen Bevans SVD, member of the WCC Commission for World Mission and Evangelism.

Respondents: Rev Charissa Suli, President Elect of the Uniting Church and Tim Fawcett from Scripture Union.

The event will be livestreamed and recorded.

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