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Given the current environmental crisis and a broad ecumenical consensus surrounding it, there is an urgent need for the churches to address publicly the ethical, social and spiritual questions posed by the crisis. There is also a growing awareness that the church has a mission to love and care for creation as a vital expression of its faith. It was therefore timely to establish a group that might facilitate this mission – the Queensland Churches Environmental Network (QCEN).


Terms of Reference

•    To be a resource and advisory group for the QCT in matters relating to environmental care.
•    To provide a forum for dialogue and the sharing of information and resources for the care of creation.
•    To promote eco-mission as an integral part of the church’s mission.
•    To encourage and enable ecumenical action for Earthcare.
•    To promote appropriate study material and educational models.
•    To have an advocacy role in encouraging church bodies and congregations to participate in a public stand against practices that pollute, degrade or destroy God’s creation.
•    To explore interfaith possibilities in Earthcare.
•    To relate to the NCCA Eco-Mission Project Group.



As a commission of QCT, our mission is to facilitate the Church’s call to love and care for creation as a vital expression of faith.


Our objectives are

•    To network with member churches of QCT, with the NCCA through its Eco-Mission group, and with groups with an environmental focus. 
•    To facilitate dialogue, sharing of resources, advocacy and action 
•    To plan and conduct interfaith activities related to earthcare.



The membership of the Task Group was initially drawn from the member Churches of QCT. Current members of QCEN are as follows:

Peter Arndt (Roman Catholic), Clive Ayre (Uniting & Chair), Craig Batty (Uniting), Mark Copland (Roman Catholic), Chris Dalton (Uniting), Ann Ellis (Anglican), Mary Florence (Anglican), John Oxenford (Anglican), Matthew Seaman (Salvation Army), Mary Tinney (Roman Catholic), Richard Tutin (QCT General Secretary)

These members represent the following denominations and research organizations:
•    Anglican
•    Roman Catholic
•    Salvation Army 
•    Uniting
•    The University of Queensland

We would love to welcome indigenous brothers and sisters, and representatives from other denominations to join and partner with us at QCEN:
•    Antiochan Orthodox Church 
•    Armenian Apostolic Church 
•    Congregational Christian Church Samoa Queensland
•    Coptic Orthodox Church 
•    Greek Orthodox Church 
•    Indian Orthodox Church    
•    Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church
•    Lutheran
•    Mar Thoma Church
•    Queensland Congregational Fellowship
•    Romanian Orthodox Church
•    Religious Society of Friends


Information and Events

A major QCEN event was the meeting held in Toowoomba, titled ‘Impact of Mining on Rural Communities and the Environment’, where we conversed with several people from different parts of the Darling Downs about the impact of mining on their communities and the environment.
More pictures from the forum are available here.  Audio and video clips from the forum are in the process of being made available online.

Click here to download the QCEN 2016 AGM report.

Click here to download the QCEN 2015 Report to the QCT Assembly.



Ecology, War, and the Path of Reconciliation (by Clive W Ayre)

Green Churches: Ecology, Theology and Justice in Practice (report by Colleen Geyer)

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