Queensland State Government Resources

COVID-19 Fact Sheet on Stage 3 easing of restrictions for Places of Worship (issued 3 July 2020) here

Reopening Places of Worship -Industry COVID Plan for Places of Worship in Qld -Stage 3


Information on live streaming: 

Anglican SQ  https://anglicanchurchsq.org.au/livestream/ 

Roman Catholic Brisbane Archdiocese St Stephens  https://brisbanecatholic.org.au/multimedia/web-cast/

Lutheran Church-Queensland  https://qld.lca.org.au/resources/ministry-and-mission-resources/

Uniting Church:  https://ucaqld.com.au/coronavirus/live-streaming-worships/

Greek Orthodox Church: https://gocstgeorge.com.au/holy-week-st-george-church-live-streaming/


End Covid For All - It's not over until it's over for everyone

End Covid for all is a campaign organised by Micah Australia asking Australians to encourage the government to support countries ill equipped to deal with the COVID 19 crisis

A Church Kit is available on the Micah project website.

The kit contains:

  • Resources to share in Church and on social media
  • Video sermon from Tim Costello and sermon notes that can be used in a bible study
  • A list of live facts (regularly updated)
  • Letter template to write to your MP
  • Ideas on how to get involved with "A Night to End Covid for all" on 19 August

Covid 19 and Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse and Covid 19 - How Churches can Respond - A resource published by the Anglican Communion.  Available in different languages

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